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Ideas I've had in passing and a reminder to say more with less

What most successful people have done is more of the things they didn’t want to do.

If everything came from the same place, everything must be connected through it. 

To everyone else you're someone else.

If you want an awesome life, learn to love doing what you hate.

Do you think about others the way you think about yourself? 

The most important step is the next one.

Profound and profanity are closely aligned. 

Peace through boredom.

It’s just as problematic to want something too much.

Empathy yields action.

The stronger you judge others, the stronger you judge yourself.

How public do you have to be to become a public person?

Money don't exist to those who produce them.

Our actions speaks for us when we are not around. 

No raindrop is responsible for the flood.

It's easier to blame the entire world than it is to blame yourself.

Would you talk to others how you talk to yourself?

Quality measure of an experience: 

how many laughs were had.

Strive for getting what you're worth, not what others have.

Everything can be written in bullet-points.

If you're the type of person to want everyone to like you, are you also the type of person to like everyone?

No company should be better than your own.

It's a lot easier to make up rules than it is to follow them.

I prefer taking advice from people who are happy.

If you're missing something from your life and your solution did not help, trying doing the opposite.

Document the journey, not the destination. 

Women can do everything men does, but they're probably not going to.

The only time drinking water causes harm is when you're drowning.

You'll find enlightenment once you stop looking for it. long as you're learning.

Not believing in religion is a privileged opinion. 

Is it fun or is it just easy?

It makes me sad when people are mean to each other, it makes me sadder when people are mean to themselves. 

If you're not doing the things that make you feel good, you'll feel bad. 

When changing bedsheets is too big of a task, I change the pillow case and save the rest for another day.

I write about the meaning I find along the way.

My method of thinking consists of pondering till I understand.

You're able to live with no cost if you are rent free on peoples minds.

Get the bad news first.

How deep do our thoughts go?

Things can bring us joy, things can't make us fulfilled.

It is not your fault but it is your responsibility.

My purpose in life is going places and spreading joy. I'm basically Santa.

Do what energizes you.

Parents generally want what they perceive to be the best for their children.

The most uncomfortable act you can commit is to only ever seek comfort.

Live life without an audience.

If I can forgive the most heinous actions done to me, I can do anything.

Discomfort does not equal harm.

I don't grasp how much my shit is actually together.

Nothing (y) + Something (x) = Everything (n)

Sensemaking is never guaranteed.

Women that says they are mature for their age probably only date immature men.

In order to be someone, we need someone to be someone for.

Ethical discussions tends to be unfruitful.

What would you do if you knew you would not fail? 

What do parents feel when their child starts knowing something they don't?

Everything is simple, nothing is easy.

A thought is a repetition of something you already understand, a reflection is discovering something you did not understand before.

Hatred is unproductive.

All our attempts are either a success or a lesson.

Don't you want life to be less horrible, all the time?

If an occasion is formal enough to care about ironing your t-shirt, you probably shouldn't wear a t-shirt.

Keep your house in the same order you would when having guests over.

Anytime I say the words "keep in touch", it never happens.

If it does not cause you irreversible emotional or physical harm, you should probably just do it.

Nothing is inherently embarrassing.

We protest or riot when we don't know how else to take action, what are the steps before that?

What one does effortlessly, one does well.

I hope everyone receives as much kindness and compassion as they have given to others.

What questions do I avoid asking myself?

When we ask someone not to share a secret it is because we don't want to face the consequences of who we are keeping it from.

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